Movavi Video Editor

that has all editing tools and features you need to become
the guru of video content

Video Editor 2023

Edit your videos and create content for any occasion using simple controls and powerful video-editing tools.

  • Edit in a just few clicks: cut, crop, add music and effects in a snap
  • Supercharge your videos with drag-and-drop effects
  • Boost your videos with 180+ filters: Distortion, Blur, VHS, and more
  • Add rad intros, titles, and transitions
  • Export at high speed and get ready to wow your subscribers

Enjoy infinite video effects

With thousands of tools and effects available in our easy video-editing software, you can create the engaging content you’ve always wanted to.
Filters and LUTs
Color correction
Motion tracking
Slow motion
Chroma key
Picture in picture
Picture in picture
Chroma key
Slow motion
Motion tracking
Color correction
Filters and LUTs

Movavi’s editing software has everything you need

Enhance colors
Add titles
Apply filters and transitions
Use LUTs and AI tools
Insert ready-made intros
Use chroma key
Improve sound quality
Create lifestyle videos
Share your memories
Boost your vlog
Get all these likes
Create videos everyone will love
Gain even more followers
Wow your viewers
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How to create the perfect video with Movavi’s simple video editor

Upload your files
Add your video and audio files to the editing software.
Create your video content
Use tools and effects to create a jaw-dropping video.
Save and upload your video
Upload your video to social media platforms right from within the movie-editing software.

How about some creative inspo?

Try these game-changing ideas to get you started.

Enjoy unlimited creative content


Make a splash on social media

Just imagine the content you could create with these video effects. Just imagine the reaction of the people who will see it. Don’t wait. Explore your creativity now and make a splash.

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We read all your feedback. Check out some of our users’ reviews
The video software and your support team are amazing! I had a problem with the Steam version of the app, but after I contacted support, I received a license key for the website version of the program. This version works flawless, thanks for the great product and the amazing support!
Robert Daniels
video enthusiast
Excellent program for editing videos! It does just what I need when creating video content for my vlog. The editing tools are simple and intuitive so I can edit my videos very easily. Overall, it’s good video-editing software.
Ryan Rodrigues
Great, simple, and so easy to use. Lots of cool editing features and additional content, like effects and transitions. This video-editing software is a lifesaver, keep developing!
Robert Nelson
Novice Videographer


How do I download a video editor?
It’s simple! Just hit the Download button on this page to download Movavi Video Editor to your computer. Then, simply follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation process. In a few minutes, you can start creating your videos! If you have any questions, you can always check out our extended how-to library or contact our Support Team.
How can I edit videos for free?
You can find a lot of free video editors on the internet. However, some completely free third-party software might have security weaknesses that can endanger your personal data. We recommend you try Movavi Video Editor, which is 100% secure to use. It has a free 7-day trial version that you can use to check out all available features before purchasing.
What video editor do YouTubers use?
Want to create engaging content for your YouTube channel and impress your audience with signature intros? Then Movavi Video Editor is the perfect editing software for you! It has awesome intro presets, effects, and transitions, and an intuitive interface that lets you focus on creating instead of reading manuals. And we also have effects packs designed specifically to make your YouTube channel stand out.
How to add transitions in a video editor?
There are many free video editors on the internet. However, completely free third-party software may contain viruses that try to steal your personal data.

To edit videos safely, we recommend you try Movavi Video Editor Plus. It’s easy, powerful and totally safe to use. What’s more, you can edit videos for free during the 7-day trial period using the full functionality of the program. If you like Movavi Video Editor Plus, you can purchase lifetime or yearly access to the program and have fun with it whenever you want.
Which is the best iMovie alternative for Windows?
There are many free video editors on the internet. However, completely free third-party software may contain viruses that try to steal your personal data.

To edit videos safely, we recommend you try Movavi Video Editor Plus. It’s easy, powerful and totally safe to use. What’s more, you can edit videos for free during the 7-day trial period using the full functionality of the program. If you like Movavi Video Editor Plus, you can purchase lifetime or yearly access to the program and have fun with it whenever you want.


Movavi Video Editor is the perfect editing software to boost your creative flow. Bring all your amazing ideas to life and share them with your viewers! Take advantage of the simple user interface, which takes almost no time to master. You have access to lots of editing tools, ready-made titles and intros, and special effects to make your videos stand out. To create stunning backgrounds for your videos, use Chroma Key to change the background to anything you like. If you want to share your content on social media, easily adjust the aspect ratio of your clips for uploading to YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.

Movavi Video Editor

Easily create video content and get professional results in a snap.

The free version of Movavi Picverse has the following restrictions: you can save up to 10 images with added watermark, screenshots are disabled.


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I didn't need to read any instructions, the app is self explanatory, especially if you have used an app of this type in the past. I am thrilled with my purchase.

Movavi Video Editor 2022

87,8 MB
System Requirements;
Operating system
Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/10/11 with up-to-date patches and service packs installed
Visit Movavi Store for older versions
Intel®, AMD®, or compatible dual-core processor, 1.5 GHz
Graphics card
Intel® HD Graphics 2000, NVIDIA® GeForce® series 8 and 8M, Quadro FX 4800, Quadro FX 5600, AMD Radeon™ R600, Mobility Radeon™ HD 4330, Mobility FirePro™ series, Radeon™ R5 M230 or higher graphics card with up-to-date drivers
1280 × 768 screen resolution, 32-bit color
2 GB
Hard drive space
400 MB available hard disk space for installation, 600 MB for ongoing operations
System permissions
Administrator permissions are required for installation
* The free version of Movavi Video Editor Plus has the following restrictions: a 7-day trial period, a watermark on output videos, and, if you’re saving a project as an audio file, an ability to save only half the audio length. Learn more